7 reasons Nicola Yoon is a YA queen PLUS read the first chapter of THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR!

We know y’all have been eagerly awaiting ‘The Sun is Also a Star’ ever since you turned the last page on ‘Everything, Everything’. We are super stoked for the new book releasing SO SOON WE MIGHT EXPLODE!


But we also think that the author herself is pretty much a boss lady too. Here’s why:

1. This. So much yes to this.

2. ‘Everything, Everything’ is going to be a film! So we can not only re-read it, we can re-watch it. Again and again and again…


Nicola Yoon is on hiatus on Twitter

🎬 Late night shot from the set of the EE movie! How cute do @amandlastenberg (Maddy)& @notnickrob (Olly) look here?!

3. Did we mention how much we loved ‘Everything, Everything’? We’re still not over THAT ENDING!


4. We know she puts a lot into her writing, and that makes us feel like we’re getting something really special. This is the amount of notebooks it took to complete ‘Everything, Everything’. Cripes!

5. Did you think there was just these two books? Welp, you’re right. BUT did you know she’s also contributed to The Hanging Garden online alongside the likes of David Arnold and Kim Liggett!


6. She uses Snapchat! And this makes our hearts happy.

7. She gives her fans more. Like… We needed this. We legit did. #happysigh

Nicola Yoon is on hiatus on Twitter

Wanna read an EE deleted scene? It’s about kissing 😘😘 @WHSmith #Zoellabookclub


8.  She’s written a NEW YORK love story…


Yes that’s right, ‘The Sun is Also a Star’ is set in one of the most romantic cities on earth.

It’s out on 3rd November! Can’t wait to get started? Here’s a sneak peak of the opening pages…

The Sun is Also a Star – click for the sampler!

Pretty awesome, right? How stoked are you now for ‘The Sun is Also a Star’? Tell us in the comments. Is ‘Everything, Everything’ on your wish-list? Make it a reality and grab your copy right here.

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