Ever wondered what it’s like to party with Taylor Swift? Nick Jonas is filling us in…

Nick Jonas has been spilling the tea on what a night out with Taylor Swift is like, and it seems like a pretty crazy night! Hey Taylor, where’s our invite to party with you?

Speaking to The Sun, Nick said: “Taylor Swift is great for a night out as it involves a lot of tequila. With her it’s all about good friends and celebrating friendship, it’s such a positive environment to be a part of. She’s great.”

Friendship goals af.

But apparently Nick’s been on crazier nights out than with Swizzle.

“My wildest night was definitely when I went to a fraternity in Ohio. I spent about £1,000 on shots and ten people turned into 150 people. My head was spinning!”

£1,000!? Our head’s spinning just thinking about it.

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