We challenged Nick Jonas to draw his own self portrait. The result is… interesting!

We all know that Nick Jonas is a fantastic artist – we think his music is amazing and we can’t wait for his new album ‘Last Year Was Complicated.’ But is he good at drawing?

We put Mr J to the test with our Self Portrait Challenge when we hung out with him in London recently. With 60 seconds on the clock, how well can Nick create a likeness of himself on paper?

We feel that Nick’s gone for a very minimalist vibe. Interesting.

How would you like to win that self portrait – which is signed, btw – and keep it in your room forever and ever? Follow us on Twitter to find out how you can.

If you need more Nick in your life, check out our interview, where presenter Luke Franks took the title of his latest single ‘Close’ just a little too literally.

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