We want to be part of the Jonas Brothers fraternity, talk about sibling goals

Nick Jonas recently made an appearance at the Berlin International Film Festival to talk about his new film ‘Goat‘ and it surprisingly has nothing to do with animals!


Nick’s new film has just been sold to Paramount so we reckon it won’t be long until we see it, and yes the excitement levels are high! Nick said he was inspired for his role as a frat king by his brothers? (Anyone else wondering what JoJo and Kev have been getting up to?!)

Nick spoke to Billboard and said “Any time you grow up with siblings close in age as we were, there’s that sense of fraternity life as such.”

He also said “Plus we worked together for so long and spent a lot of time of impressionable lives together. There’s definitely a training ground there.”

The Jonas Brothers are as good as they come aren’t they? We love them and can’t wait to see Nick slay, slay, slay in his epic new film role.

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Written by Hannah Lovejoy

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