Nick Jonas looks blooming fit on the cover of Fault Magazine. But what is he really thinking in these photos?

What a beautiful spring day this is. Little birds chirping in the Godly hours during your beauty sleep, the sun graces our pale-ghost skin, flowers are blossoming everywhere and pop stars stand still like majestic flowers on magazines covers. This month the outrageously fit Nick Jonas pops on the cover of FAULT Magazine, wearing an ah-mazing floral blazer. Yes, we’re Jealous, we want it too.

Photographer Matt Holyoak and Stylist Kristine Kilty
Photographer Matt Holyoak and Stylist Kristine Kilty

Speaking to FAULT, Nick tells us a  bit more about his song, his solo career and who he would like to collaborate with, ‘Prince. I would love to collaborate with Prince! And The Weeknd would be a fun collaboration, if it was the right thing’. Nick and Prince with matching floral blazers. We can’t even.

Beyond this we were wondering what this beautiful, delicate American rose was REALLY thinking in these photos. We came up with this:

  1. Pulling a Miranda Priestley: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”.
  2. “If I were a banana, what type of banana things would I do?” Get eaten by Harry Styles.
  3. “Can’t we do this later? There’s a ‘My Little Pony’ marathon on the telly and I can’t miss it!” We love guys who know their priorities.
  4. “What would Zayn Malik do?”. We feel you, Nick.
  5. “Wait, are you telling me teenagers are going to be hella crazy for this shoot while I’m just standing here craving food? Are those flowers even edible?!”. Priorities.

What are you REALLY thinking gazing at these photos? Want to join Nick in the ‘My Little Pony’ marathon? Tweet us at @maximumpop, we’ll bringing popcorn. And pizza.

Nab yourself a copy of FAULT Magazine, out May 30.

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