Want to get ‘Close’ to Nick Jonas while representing the fandom? He’s making a board of fan ambassadors!

We’ve always dreamt of being close to Nick Jonas and for some of you lucky lot, that dream may very well become a reality soon.


Nick has recently expressed his feelings towards his fans and how he wants to make a board of ambassadors. Ooooh…

Talking about it on Twitter, Nick revealed his plans: “Been thinking about this a lot… We need to come up with a name for my fans… Thoughts? I want to have an even deeper connection with my fans. So I am going to create a board of 10-15 fan ambassadors. These people will be my team leaders that I will meet with a few times a year so we can build this thing together.”

Let's go

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“I can’t wait to rally with my fans on everything I do. This is a movement. I don’t think the fan name has to have my first name or last name incorporated in it… Let’s think outside the box a bit. Ideas?”

Nick even made a promise to meet with the team soon: “I am going to hold the first meeting with the ambassadors in NYC on album release week. More details to come on how to make your pitch to be an ambassador… But I am so excited! This is what it’s all about!”

GAH, where do we sign up? A board meeting with Nick would be amazing. We hope he takes it seriously and wears a suit. We love a Jobro in a suit.

Want to be one of Nick’s fan ambassadors? What ideas would you bring to the meetings? Tweet us @maximumpop and let us know if you’re one of the lucky ones.

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