7 times Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato were BFF goals and proved that girls and boys can be just friends

Nick and Demi have been friends for years. They practically grew up together and even when she dated and fell out with Nick’s brother, Joe, they still remained pretty tight and we just admire their friendship overall. While they may not be dating (uh, hello, it’s 2016? People of different genders can be platonic friends!) they’re still super cute and goals AF. Here are some of our favourite Nemi moments.

1. Carpool Karaoke

When Nick and Demi were featured on James Corden’s ‘Carpook Karaoke’ it was the funniest 13 minutes we had experienced in a long time. Imagine going on a road trip with them?!

2. Testing their knowledge of one another on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Breakfast Show’

Nemi were put to the test with their knowledge of one another and surprised each other with how much they actually knew. Uh, d’uh, guys. You’re BFFs?

3. Nick’s concern for Demi during a difficult time

Nick and Demi

When Demi was going through a rough patch, including struggling with an eating disorder and drug problems, Nick was definitely a concerned friend. Speaking to ‘Entertainment Weekly,’ Mr Jonas opened up about how he felt: “It’s been years of working on herself and getting better. She’s amazing – and a better singer, too, because she’s healthy. But I was genuinely concerned that I might lose my friend.” What a total sweetheart!

4. Their adorable ‘Future Now’ live chat

They try so hard to be professional as it’s a work thing but you just know they’re two awkward and goofy best buds who would probably be way more outgoing if they didn’t have the team of management and other important people in the room.

5. Their casual outings together

Every pair of besties do things together and it’s no different for Nemi. They were spotted earlier this year going on a lunch date together which we think is awesome – despite the fact they work together, they still wanna hang out. GOALS.

6. Casual third-wheeling is totally comfortable for them

Sorry, Wilmer, but wherever Demi goes, you can often find a JoBro not too far behind. The trio were spotted on vacation together at the end of last year and we’re just glad they’re able to have relationships but still have time to be besties.

7. Demi’s peen joke about Nick at the GLAAD Awards

You know you’re real best buds when you can make jokes about genitalia around each other and still be comfortable, as Demi demonstrated at the GLAAD Awards where Nick presented her with the Vanguard Award.

UGH, we love them so much.

Have any Nemi moments you’d like to share with us? Tweet us @maximumpop while we go listen to ‘Avalanche’.

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