A guide to Nick Jonas’ new video in 14 GIFs

Ever dreamed of ripping Nick Jonas‘ clothes off? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what happens in his new video for single “Close”. OK, so we don’t actually get to rip the clothes off ourselves but seeing them literally disintegrate due to some invisible force of nature (we suspect moths) will have to do!

As if we could be more excited for Nick Jonas’ upcoming studio album Last Year Was Complicated, lead single “Close” now has a steamy new video. Sit back and let us guide you through the visual extravaganza in 14 magical GIFs.

1)The video opens with some intense staring. IT’S LIKE HE’S LOOKING INTO OUR SOUL! (He is…)

2) Yet more intense staring moments ensue with some additional heavy breathing.

3) Who’s that girl? A dismembered corpse seems to be the object of Nick’s affection.

4) Nick is physically repelled from touching said dismembered corpse by some disembodied power (a.k.a our collective will).

5) Dramatic chest grabs.

6) Turns out the disembodied corpse belongs to none other than Swedish singer Tove Lo who has made up for being headless for half the clip by putting a pound of grease in her hair.

7) Her clothes seem to be coming off…. how convenient. Kinda reminiscent of Voldemort disintegrating at the end of Harry Potter.

Oops how did this get here

8) Close… but no booty

9) Some weak knit work there.

10) And suddenly they’re both in their undies.

11) An epic yet quite painful looking fall.

12) Then it all goes a bit Sia.

13) Then Nick turns into a dog.

14) And then they smooch. Suddenly it all makes perfect sense….or not. Lucky Tove is all I’m gonna say.

Intrigued? Check out the full video and listen to Nick and Tove’s new duet below.

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