Project ‘No Control’ goes global and Grimmy, Scott Mills & co are getting involved!

And the slayers gonna slay, slay slay because Project No Control is really kicking off! Not only has the Thunderclap reached 2960% of its target, big names are getting involved.

Nick Grimshaw, Scott Mills, Jamie Scott and Ben Winston have all put their beaks in! Now, we all know these guys are buddies with 1D, so this is a big thing for the project.

Nick Grimshaw has a natter about it 

YES, we are so punk.

Here’s Scott Mills slaying the airwaves.

Even Ben Winston is getting involved! 

This is such a huge thing for music and 1D fans and we are so bloody excited! Remember to take part in these 5 actions to take part in the DIY campagin. How are you getting involved? Tweet us @maximumpop and let’s make this happen!

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