‘Falling in love is never easy when the past has something to say about it’ MP!er Jemima reviews Nicholas Sparks’ ‘See Me’.

If your ultimate relationship goals mirror ‘The Notebook’, and you shed more than a few tears at ‘A Walk To Remember’, then you’ll LOVE Nicholas Sparks’ latest moving romance ‘See Me’.

MP!er Jemima applied through our You Review section and managed to grab a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Let’s see what she thought…

Name: Jemima Osborne
Age: 18

See_Me_(1)If you’ve read Nicholas Sparks’ other books, how does this compare? If not, are you more likely to read his books in future? I haven’t read any of his work before but after ‘See Me’ I am definitely going to pick up a good few! I loved his writing style and it kept me reading and reading until I’d finished!

Describe the plot in a sentence. There are so many ways to describe this plot a single sentence won’t do it justice but all you need to grab you is just that, a sentence and here’s mine: “Falling in love is never easy when the past has something to say about it”.

‘Fess up. Did you cry? No. Of course I didn’t cry *hides millions of tissues and red eyes*. I am never a big cryer at books but oh my god did Nicholas Sparks’ break that. I sobbed inhuman sobs for quite a while after I’d finished this book. But I loved it so very much.

Sparks is a great writer – did you have any favourite lines/quotes from this book? “Love makes everything complicated, and emotions always go wild in the beginning. But when it’s real, you should hold on tight, because we’re both old enough to know that true love doesn’t come along all that often”

Would it make a good movie? 100% yes! I’d go to see it so many times if it becomes a movie!!

Rate out of 10. 10/10! A MUST read for any romance fan out there!

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