‘See Me’ is a romance, it’s heart-wrenching and emotional, but this novel felt much less like a romantic cliché.

If your ultimate relationship goals mirror ‘The Notebook’, and you shed more than a few tears at ‘A Walk To Remember’, then you’ll LOVE Nicholas Sparks’ latest moving romance ‘See Me’.

MP!er Jessica applied through our You Review section and managed to grab a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Let’s see what she thought…

JessicaName: Jessica Chapman
Age: 21

If you’ve read Nicholas Sparks’ other books, how does this compare? If not, are you more likely to read his books in future?
Nicholas Sparks is one of my favourite authors, which is a pretty spectacular achievement when you consider that I usually read science-fiction and fantasy books. ‘See Me’ is a phenomenal novel, and personally I believe it is the best book Nicholas Sparks has written. Like all of his previous novels, ‘See Me’ is a romance, it’s heart-wrenching and emotional, but this novel felt much less like a romantic cliché. Serious issues are constant throughout Spark’s novels, and this is certainly the case in ‘See Me’. Maria, a lawyer, has to deal with sexual harassment at work, an unknown stalker, and the danger it puts her and her family in.

Describe the plot in a sentence. The plot to ‘See Me’ is so vast, but if I was to sum it up in just one sentence, it would have to be this:
When Maria, a lawyer, meets Colin, previously a convicted criminal she’s forced to see past the man he was to see the man he is now and finds that he can help her find herself again.

See_Me_(1)Fess up. Did you cry? This has to be the first book Nicholas Sparks has written that didn’t make me cry. Usually I am a complete emotional mess when I read Nicholas Sparks novels and although I got teary-eyed when reading ‘See Me’, I didn’t cry. The emotions I experienced were powerful though. I felt Maria’s fear and anxiety, I was shocked at the revelations and I was scared for the outcomes of events, but at the same time the blossoming romance between Maria and Colin was heart-warming and I couldn’t help but smile for it.

Sparks is a great writer – did you have any favourite lines/quotes from this book? One of my the quotes that really jumped out at me was this: “In the end, the only one you can ever really please is yourself. How others feel is up to them.” It’s so true, and so relevant too.

Would it make a good movie? ‘See Me’ would make a brilliant movie. I hope it gets made into one.

Rate out of 10. I rate ‘See Me’ as a 10/10. If you’re a romance reader, ‘See Me’ is a MUST read.

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