One Direction Daily: All the gossip from Niall’s charity football match

Our  friend Natalie (@NiamIsFab) from @1DUpdates_World yesterday went to the charity football match in Leicester organised by our favourite cherub, Nialler, with some big names for his ‘Team Niall’


When I arrived everyone was singing along to One Direction songs and were waiting for the players to come out onto the pitch to warm up. First to come out was Niall, followed by Louis and Liam.
David Beckham’s little brotherBol26rdIQAAeH4M
The whole stadium was screaming. 2 minutes later Harry emerged and went over to warm up with the players.
Harry tried to score a goal during warm up but completely missed.
During the match Niall was stood on the side lines with Ben.
Harry was sat on the team bench with famous faces like James Corden, Jack Whitehall and Olly Murs.
Bol3JyNIEAAmKXT ‘Assistant Manager Styles’

He was being interviewed and then he was given a piece of paper which he was meant to write a match report on, but instead he drew Ben and Niall.
Later on in the match Louis got tackled and Niall starting shouting at the referee.
Piers’ team then scored (booooooo).
Piers went over to Niall and they put their faces close to each other but Niall was laughing too much.
Harry then went to warm up on the side lines, but as he went he decided to do this
As Harry ran back he tightened his shorts as he thought Piers was going to pull his down! *magic happens* BokiyBHCcAAhdj5 Harry then took his trousers off and the stadium erupted when we realised Harry was going to be playing. James Corden massaged Harry’s shoulders and legs before he went on to play. Bol2ui3IMAEkT_-*We wanted to be James’ hands in that moment*

Harold gave us proof that the he’d improved his football skills
Niall’s team was then awarded a penalty. Straight away Harry asked to take it but Niall and Ben said NO and started laughing because they knew he would probably miss. Harry then decided he was going to take the penalty anyway.

To everyone’s disbelief, HE SCORED and they gave us one of the best NARRY moments.
tumblr_inline_n681gfucLx1ru8or9LOOK AT THEIR CUTE HAPPY FACES!

tumblr_inline_n66z6sUwt61s9zbw2 tumblr_n678wlPnhF1tyqlkqo1_1280As Harry walked away, he slapped Niall’s bum. Classic.

After Liam was substituted off, he hugged his parents and came to the side of the players bench to talk to us. He started coming over to take selfies but security stopped him.
The match then went to penalties and Piers’ team won (boooooo boooooo). After that the boys did 2 laps of honours, minus Louis who left as soon as he was substituted.
During the lap of honour Niall read my poster that said “Niall, it all wrked out” and he looked so smiley and proud.
I feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity, it still feels so surreal!

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