We lost our control when Niall played No Control. The little tease.

If you’re unaware about the fandom demand for 1D to play No Control on tour and release it as a new single, then can you really call yourself 1D AF?  A project has been running for a good few weeks now to get ‘No Control’ as One Direction’s next single or to at the very least add it to the OTRA setlist. Alas, so far we have had no luck.

However, Niall – being a little minx – has been teasing the fans of Vienna by playing a bit on the guitar. HOW RUDE.

Niall James Horan, do you know the damage you are causing? We have worked our bloody guts out to get that song as the next single or on the set list or even both, DO NOT PLAY A LITTLE BIT TO TEASE US. We don’t like to be teased.


Well, bloody hell. Does this mean we should expect it soon? Or are the boys just being mean beans and teasing us with no intention to perform it? We’re not best pleased.

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