Niall just proved why he’s the most sensitive Directioner

Niall Horan released his first solo single ‘This Town’ and it is totally gorgeous. We were so impressed with Zayn’s solo music that we just couldn’t wait to hear Niall’s – and it just didn’t disappoint, one bit. We just need Liam’s now! It’s just so cool to see how different they all are and hear them as individuals.

We assumed the ‘One Mic One Shot’ session video would be the only visual we’d get for ‘This Town’, but we were wrong!

Niall released a lyric video for the song and it is absolutely beautiful. Watch it below.

The video was created with Marius Franc, an animator who drew over 1,800 pictures to create a stop motion video. The illustrations are from Marius’ own interpretation of the song.

Isn’t it gorgeous? We think it compliments the song perfectly! There are so many nostalgic hints in the video like signposts to his home town (duh) and a heat-shaped golf ball, because we all know how much Niall loves golf. The illustrations reflect a childlike story being told by Niall and it is just so beautiful. We don’t think any of the other One Direction boys could’ve done something like this!

What do you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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