Why Niall saying he’s LEFT 1D is nothing to worry about – DO NOT PANIC

Wait, what?!  He said what?!

When the news reached us at Maximum Pop!, we were pretty shocked to say the least.  Obviously we knew when Zayn released his solo material that he had already left the band some ten months earlier. We know the current members all have side projects, as well as being in 1D, even if they are on a break.  So what’s going on?!  Why, Niall, why?!

Breathe, breathe.

In an interview with Kidd Nation’s Morning Show, Niall was asked if he was going to get any tattoos, because he is the only member without ink.  Niall answered with “No I don’t plan to, just ‘cos I’ve left the band doesn’t mean I’m going to get a tattoo.”  Check it out for yourself below.

Twitter reacted:


Guys, it’s okay! In this interview with SiriusXM, Niall said he can’t wait to tour ‘Made in the AM’.

Example A:



Example B:

So, class, the evidence allows us to conclude that Niall is not actually leaving One Direction but is simply taking a break from it to pursue his solo career.

Calm, calm

Do you think Niall would ever quit the band or is he truly #1D4life? Leave your comment below!

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