Niall Horan Twitter Hack: The Suspects

He walked into our office like a Summer breeze (or maybe it was a Summer breeze that we felt as it is Summer and we left the window open). Wavy blonde hair with legs for hours. We could tell from his eyes that he needed our help. It was a baffling case- but you don’t hire MP! Investigates for an easy one.

We have gone all CSI here at MP! Towers since we heard the news that Niall Horan’s Twitter was hacked. We have gathered the evidence (and even asked Niall for a lock of his hair but are still waiting on a response) and have narrowed the suspects down to five possible offenders:

1 The Wanted

It’s no secret that The Wanted and One Direction are not bezzies and there seems to be an eerie calm surrounding the fued at the minute. Maybe The Wanted are taking more underhanded tactics like say HACKING A 1D MEMBER’S TWITTER ACCOUNT?

2Demi Lovato

Demi and Niall were once very close, lovers some might say. Perhaps, in a jealous rage Ms. Lovato hacked the Irish Heartthrob’s account? Even if the ‘Heart Attack’ singer did this, we won’t hold it against her as it is a crime of passion(and we bloody love Demi!)

3The CIA

Niall is 1/5 of the biggest boyband in the entire world and we all know he has a massive influence over teenage girls (and MP!). The CIA may have hacked his account to gain some valuable teenage insight or to communicate with young girls or maybe they used it as a ploy to distract the media from something bigger- Like Justin Bieber peeing into a bucket!

Harry Styles

Hazza is no stranger to a practical joke (or a crotch grab) so maybe he hacked into his bandmate’s twitter for a bit of a larf! Niall may have taken it a bit too seriously, more seriously than Harry expected, and now Stylerz is too scared to admit he did it?

5 Mammy Horan

When your son is as massively famous as Niall, it’s only natural to worry about what they get up to. Maybe Mammy Horan logged into his Twitter to have a snoop and see what shennanigans her son was up to but, not being very Twitter savvy, caused a bit of havoc.

These are our prime suspects! Who do you think hacked N-Hoz’s account? Could it be someone not on this list? NAH!

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