Niall’s a solo star and here’s everything you need to know about ‘This Town’, his record deal, new photos and his debut album release

So Niall’s released a surprise debut single then. What’s it called?
It’s called ‘This Town’ and it’s out now.

Now! What madness?
Yes, Niall’s been creeping behind our backs. He’s signed a record deal with major label Capitol Records USA and been working with the producer Greg Kurstin who has also worked with Adele, Sia, and Kelly Clarkson.

So who wrote the song then?
Niall did! With pals Jamie Scott (who worked with the 1D boys loads), Mike Needle and Daniel Bryer.

Record deal, what did he have to say about that?
This. We’ve turned it into a pretty picture for you.

Has he performed the song yet?
Niall gives a stripped-down performance of ‘This Town’ in a new ‘1 Mic 1 Take’ video that premiered today on VEVO. The clip was filmed in the historic Capitol Studios in Hollywood, California.

Have you got any tissues?
No, but we’ve got some official links for Niall. Check him out on Twitter, Facebook, Insta, his *new* official website and new Vevo and Spotify profiles.

And word on an album?
Nothing yet. Sorry :(

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