Niall Horan really felt the pressure when he was asked to write down a sentence for a fan tattoo

It’s pretty widely known that One Direction fans love to have their favs handwriting on them forever and Niall definitely felt the pressure yesterday.

A fan who went to Niall’s family home, which btw, please don’t do that, asked him to write down a sentence she wants to get tattooed and tattooless Nialler was understandably scared to mess up.

He wasn’t the first one of the boys to be asked for his input on something engraved on somebody’s body though. During his charity match in April Louis was asked to write down ‘Girl Almighty’. Lou wasn’t just asked to lend his handwriting though, he also got to choose a fan’s tattoo and didn’t feel any pressure at all. Maybe the more you get the less you care? Unfortunately, all of the other times didn’t get caught on video, but we’re pretty sure 60-tattoos-Harry told fans not to get any at all, so if you want one of the boys’ help for a tattoo, ask Louis or risk putting pressure on Niall again. (Pssst, if any of the boys are reading this, we don’t mind if you mess it up anyways).

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