Niall Horan decided to shade Simon Cowell during 1D’s first OTRA show in London – we’re intrigued.

I’m sure all of you have anticipated the return of One Direction to the stage in their home country as much as we have, but it certainly wasn’t all smooth sailing for all of us on Thursday.

Everything seemed to start off innocently, but then Rainbow Bondage Bear and his smaller counterpart were spotted decked out in wedding outfits and a picture of Larry Grayson in front of them and all of Twitter and Tumblr had a meltdown.

Then Simon Cowell, some of the boy’s relatives and Briana, yes the apparently pregnant Briana, were spotted and all of the happiness basically evaporated.

But our lovely lads didn’t come out of their first UK show unscathed either. They faced technical difficulties during ‘Night Changes’, which prompted them to sing a short acoustic version of ‘Infinity’….wait what???

And that was when the biggest moment happened. Right after singing ‘everybody wants you’, Niall Horan added ‘Not anymore Simon’ right after it and we’re questioning that it was sweet Niall’s idea. He was actually whispering with our favorite sassmaster right before, but whoever had the idea, it seemed quite planned.

Check it out for yourself:

And if that isn’t enough for you, here’s a masterpost  all about the show.

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