An Irish bookie basically thinks Niall is going to leave 1D, what a basic b*tch.

We all know that it’s pretty much the law that you have to be a massive numpty to be a bookie. We’ve heard some absolutely ridiculous things coming from them about One Direction in the past and guess what? Here’s another one.

An Irish bookie has stopped taking bets on Nialler being the next to leave 1D, this is because someone in his home region of Co Westmeath placed €500 on the event happening. Uhm, like no?

After all that Zayn Pain the already cut the odds of Niall being the next to leave from 8/1 to 3/1, we’re not sure what that means but you wouldn’t get as much $$$ now or something. 

Speaking about the bet the company said, ‘If Niall is the next member to leave One Direction; One Thing for sure is that we are in for a battering of a five figure amount from cagey punters across the Midlands.’

We see what you did there, ‘One Thing’ very clever. Or you could just shut up?

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