Niall Horan disguised as an old man. POP BITS.

POP BITS. It really feels like we have been waiting since the dawn of time for this ‘Best Song Ever’ track! We were starting to grow impatient and get angry with the 1D boys and then we just looked at our lifesize cardboard cut outs of them all and stopped immediately- you couldn’t be mad at those faces!

But Niall Horan has aged his face and amazing hair in the new video for ‘Best Song Ever’. The Irish lad was transformed with what we are presuming is prosthetics- otherwise Niall seriously needs to change his diet. If you look to your right, you will see a picture of Mr. Horan playing a middle-aged business tycoon.

The One Direction twitter account will tease a character that the 1D boys will be playing each day in the run up to ‘Best Song Ever’s release on Monday (22nd of July). Here’s hoping that Zayn is playing a sassy stripper named Kandy who knows how to have a good time. POP BITS OUT.

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