Niall Horan makes Maximum Pop!’s week. It’s time to fangirl. HARD.

Okay so it’s been a bit of a crazy week for us here at Maximum Pop! We’ve only just calmed down. Fangirl overload with concerts… more concerts and wait… Niall Horan retweeted us?

THE Niall Horan?





harryexcitedDID THAT JUST HAPPEN? Yes, yes it did.

Here is said tweet:


44,000 favourites.

1000’s of followers gained.

And 15,000 of you came onto the site.

WOWZERS. We feel mega famous right now. We’d like to thank our mums and grandmas and of course Niall Horan for giving us the gift of.. well. You guys! Let’s just fangirl one more time.

harry fangirl

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Written by Gemma Calvert

Gemma loves Jedward, but don't hold that against her. This whizz kid has been on Maximum Pop! for over a year and manages the MP! social channels, in English that means she's the boss of our Twitter and Facebook. She works all hours for nothing much than hugs and cookies. Say hello to her on Twitter.

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