Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson gave us some lovely details about ‘Made in the A.M’

Nouis, yes other parings beside Lilo exist, spoke to Clyde 1 Radio in Glasgow and spilled some details about the new album and crazy fan stories.

Talking about Made in the AM Louis admitted that they are quite nervous for the first listen of new songs since they’re in this sort of bubble for writing and recording them.

Nialler went on to add how the name of the album came to be, which we all know by now, but just to be safe, they recorded and wrote a bunch of songs after shows and there’s a song with the lyric ‘made in the am’ and that’s the name explanation.

Nouis also retold some crazy fan experiences and no, not the one with the girl in a bin in Sweden. Louis mentioned how some girls made their own AAA backstage passes to get backstage at the O2 in London two years ago, while Niall’s encounter with fans actually worked out. Two girls managed to get backstage by wearing crew t-shirts and pretended to be responsible for towels and were caught in Niall’s dressing room when they freaked out- so don’t try this yourselves.

And of course they were asked about the break and Niall mentioned their lad’s holiday which we’re honestly quite excited about.

If you want to hear them speak themselves, here’s the audio. (But if you have issues with understanding Niall’s or Louis’ accent, you’ll definitely have troubles understanding the two interviewers)

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