Niall Horan talks about his X Factor audition – our poor snowflake didn’t realise he was leaving home for good!

It’s incredible how much has happened since those four boys auditioned for The X Factor and turned into the biggest boyband on the planet AKA One Direction, isn’t it? But it must have been a shock to five teenage boys that they would be pretty much jacking in their normal lives after it all, right? That’s what Niall thought, anyway.

In their latest autobiography (yes, they’ve had four because that is just how crazy and jam packed their lives are) Niall talks about how his childhood abruptly ended after the first audition.

Niall audition

“My childhood was cut short by The X Factor because One Direction took off and I never really got the chance to finish school or do my exams or anything like that.

“After the first audition, I packed up everything in my life in a bag. I didn’t realise at the time that, when I was stuffing clothes into the little suitcase, that was pretty much me leaving home for good.”

Aww, baby. We doubt he’d trade it for the world, though. Look how much he and the boys have achieved! *Sniff* We feel like proud mothers.

And don’t worry Nialler, although your not a teenager anymore, you can act like a child whenever you like. We won’t stop you.

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