Niall Horan has been writing some sweet folk music. Here’s what we think he’ll sound like

Could Niall Horan be the first of One Direction (bar Zayn) to release solo music?! Harry is busy acting, Louis has baby Freddie and Liam is spending time with his bae Cheryl. Looks like Niall has a head start.


He’s already writing with 1D collaborator Wayne Hector and thinking of mashing up pop and folk. “I try to go in and write with different types of songwriters, mixing Wayne with someone who does folk music or something like that.”

So we had a little think of some of the fab folky stuff Niall might sound like. He could rock out like Mumford and Sons, caress a guitar like Lewis Watson or be a perfect pop-folk prince to match Gabrielle Aplin.

1) Mumford and Sons – He may follow in their footsteps as a famous folk-rock star

2) Gabrielle Aplin – Her first album speaks the sweet sounds of the perfect pop and folk mixture

3) Ben Howard – If Niall’s music is anything like Ben’s, he’ll be winning some incredible awards

4) Birdy – Niall is writing with Wayne Hector, who actually worked on Birdy’s latest album

5) Of Monsters and Men – Icelandic angels. We’d be quite happy if Niall just joined them tbh

6) She & Him – More on the sunshine-pop scale, we’d die if Niall released a giddy little tune like this

7) Lewis Watson – The singer-songwriter style never fails to amaze us and a folk tweak would really get us raring to go

8) Hudson Taylor – Fellow Irishmen! We’re pretty sure Niall’s music would be like this if he was to scrap pop and go full folk

9) Simon and Garfunkel – Classic ol’ folk, Niall couldn’t go wrong here

Whatever music Niall makes, it’s going to be super special. Folk-pop hitting the mainstream media would be awesome and we’re really excited to see what Niall comes up with. Have you got any brill folk acts that scream Niall Horan? If so, tweet us @maximumpop and send us their best song.

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