We just found out Niall Horan is mega rich… here’s what he should buy for us Directioners!

Despite the fact that 1D are on hiatus, that doesn’t mean their cash flow is going down, especially Niall’s!


It has recently been reported that Mr Horan’s media firm made a whopping £3 million in the past year. NOT BAD, NIALLER, NOT BAD AT ALL.

But with that much money and already earning millions as part of being 1/4 of the world’s biggest boyband, we can’t help but think of the wads of cash that don’t get spent, crying out to Nialler “spend us, daddy! We want to buy nice and pretty things!” and Niall is probably totally stuck because he’s bought everything he wanted and doesn’t want to waste the cash. So…


Niall could always spend his cash on us, and as a matter of fact, we have a few suggestions for some very worthy investments.

1. 1D island

1d island

Okay, so imagine an island we can go to and it’s a 1D party 24/7. Like Ibiza but for Directioners. Kit the island out with a stadium for performances (1D obviously can stop by, or some of their favourite acts like 5SOS, All Time Low, Little Mix, etc.), clubs with DJ Tommo in da mix, internet cafes because we all know we need the internet (and obviously it’ll serve Tumblr-worthy dishes and drinks), a beach (imagine watching Liam go surfing. Phwoar.) and the best shopping centres ever with Harry’s favourite brands. It would be paradise, tbh. And Niall would obviously be mayor, since he paid for it.

2. 1D museum

1D waxworks

Similar to The Beatles museum in Liverpool, we’d love to see a museum dedicated to the boys. From Nialler’s first guitar and desk on which he engraved “My dream is to be a singer, I live for music and singing!” to the boys’ outfits from events such as The Brits and props from music videos (e.g. the bike and car from ‘Live While We’re Young’), everyone from around the world would come and visit the 1D museum.

3. A theme park

1d rollercoaster

The boys always want to repay us for everything we’ve done and we quite fancy a theme park. Obviously, Niall could decide which amazing rides and attractions there should be (with help from the boys) and we know we’d fall in love with it.

4. Pay off our uni bills


Lots of fans go to uni and need help sorting out the bills. Nialler can be a very big helping hand in this.

What about you? What would you like Nialler to buy the fans? Tweet us @maximumpop while we write out our shopping list.

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