Niall Horan has finally told us his dream date as a part of ‘The BFG Dream Jar Trail’ and it’s super cute

Obviously we’re always keen to know exactly what our fave 1D boys look for in their significant other, even if they’re quite clearly bored of the constantly repeated, sort of invasive, question. Knowing exactly what kind of dates the boys like to go on is also pretty important in our attempt to woo and whisk the boys off their feet — who says guys have to do all the romantic gestures, right? And now we know exactly what’s going through Niall’s bottle-blonde hair when he’s picturing his dream date. Aw yeah!


Roald Dahl’s ‘The BFG’ is soon to hit the big time with its cinematic release coming 22nd July. To celebrate, a whole host of celebs have shared their dreams to be transformed into pieces of art that will then be auctioned off to raise money for Save the Children, making their own dreams come true — so cute!

The art installation, aptly named ‘The BFG Dream Jar Trail’,  is launching today, with 50 sculptures being placed in six feet jars dotted across London to view for free this summer, as well as others across the UK.

As well as helping children all across the world, the money will also go towards a nursing programme supported by Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity. The sculptures will be auctioned off in a collab with Paddle8.

Niall Horan was one of the 50 celebrities asked to contribute their dreams, his own jar named ‘Dream Date’ depicting him high in the Irish sky in a hot air balloon with the love of his life.

“As a little boy, I liked the idea of floating above the trees and looking down on the world from above. Now I like the idea of having someone with me for the ride.”

Um, is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? Niall, we will happily join you in that snug little basket and soar through the sky. We don’t even care that we might be a little bit afraid of heights.

Will you be on the search for some of these dream jars? Tweet us @maximumpop and let’s see how many w’s we can add in our ‘aw’s’, because Niall is legit the biggest softy and we live for it.

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