Niall Horan’s been chatting about ‘Drag Me Down’ and says the reaction is “incredible”.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that a couple of weeks back One Direction dropped their brand new single for surprise worldwide release and it knocked Little Mix from number one, broke some Spotify streaming records and there’s already plans for the single’s video to break a VEVO record, but have you ever wondered what 1D’s cheeky Irish chap thinks of all of this? Well it’s a good job he’s spoken out then, isn’t it?

The answer is that he finds it all rather “incredible” and he wants to thanks us, awww!

“The reaction to ‘Drag Me Down’ has been incredible. When we dropped the single we knew we had a good song, but we didn’t expect such a huge reaction,” he told Billboard.

“We definitely didn’t think it would become the highest debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this year! Again, we need to thank our amazing fans around the world for their constant, unconditional support.”

Anything to make you happy, Niall. Anything at all.

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