Reasons why Niall Horan would be a great dad – Father our children, pls.

Niall Horan is a pretty amazing guy, isn’t he? He’s funny, charming, flirtatious, kind hearted, talented… sorry, where were we? Oh right.

According to DJ and Nialler’s pal, Marvin Humes, Niall also has the qualities of being a dad, too, after talking about how kind he is to his and Rochelle’s daughter, Alaia-Mai. We’re listening.

“Niall spoils her rotten. He bought her a Burberry mac for her Christening present and then this Christmas he just went nuts in Selfridges and bought her a load of designer clothes,” Mr Humes says as he sings the praises of our favourite Irishman. 

*Swoon* Can you imagine him being an actual father? Do we really need to give you reasons? Well, we will anyway, ‘cos this is a topic close to our hearts.

1. He’s very active

niall jump

Whether he’s jumping around on stage or playing a bit of footie, Niall is always on the go. A perfect quality needed for hyperactive little kids!

2. He’s got lots of experience

Niall and Lux

Baby Lux has been around the world with him and the lads and we’ve been lucky enough to have lots of snaps of her with them. If that wasn’t enough practise, nephew Theo was born back in 2013 so that’s another two years of experience. It’s not like he’s short of ideas on how to care for a kid!

3. He’s a fantastic uncle!

Niall and Theo feet

We hear it a lot from Niall’s big bro, Greg, just how much he loves Theo! He spoils him rotten and whenever he’s home from being Mr Worldwide, he spends time with the little nipper. Awww.

4. He’s seriously good looking

Niall wink

Good looks are genes and that increases the chance of his baby being absolutely bloody adorable and taking after his dad’s looks later in life. If he’s not our husband, our future kids are going to fall for future baby Horan when they grow up.

5. The baby will have four amazing uncles

1D point

Niall loves the lads more than life itself and so that baby will be blessed with four amazingly fit uncles who we’re sure will also treat the little sprog like royalty.

We could probably write a list as long as our arm twice over, but we’d be wasting valuable time that could be used for fantasising over Niall being our husband and having the perfect family.

Do you think Nialler could be a good dad? What other fatherly qualities does he have? Tweet us @maximumpop and lets swoon over him.

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