Niall Appreciation Post #NiallAppreciationDay

It’s #NiallAppreciationDay, let’s celebrate him!
Here @1D_Updates_EU tells us why we love the crazy mofo.

Niall Horan, the sunshine that brightens everyones day. Even if he’s not your favourite, he’s still your favourite.

He has the voice of an angel. When he sings, the world stops. It brings the biggest smile to your face and makes you happy within seconds.

His hugs. He gives the best hugs known to man. We would all sell our family just to have a hug from him.




Niall has a habit of always telling the fans about how much he loves us. Of course we all love it! I mean who doesn’t love hearing that from their favourite on a daily basis.

The lad certainly knows how to dance.


Shakira has got nothing on him! I mean look at those hips move.


If One Direction ever falls through then he can always get a job as a stripper.

Selfies. They’re the worst and best thing to happen to this fandom. The day Niall made his Instagram, is the day all hell broke loose.

We even made the news because he posted a selfie and we all cried. Good times.

You have never experienced true happiness until you’ve heard him laugh. It brings so much joy to our lives.


He does this thing when he laughs hard, he scrunches up his eyes.
His smile looks like it could make flowers grow.

July 16th 2013 was not only a great day for the Horans but also for the fandom. Niall’s sister-in-law gave birth to Theo. Nialls photos with Theo were and still are the best photos we have ever seen.


Look at how cute they both are. Like uncle, like nephew.
Accurate representation of this fandom when it comes to Niall. We all feel you Theo!


Niall must be a fun person to hang out with. People like him bring a lot of joy and happeniess to our lives. He’s a pure person and his heart is so full of love. Everyday should be Niall appreciation day!

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