Niall and Velvetgh0st have THIS in common, and it’s something we all need to hear ASAP

If you’ve ever questioned whether Niall Horan is really an angel sent from heaven as opposed to an actual human being, you are not alone.

He’s kind, inspiring, driven, charismatic, handsome…and that’s before we even mention his INSANE musical talents.

Basically, what we’re trying to say here is that he’s practically superhuman, and he’s definitely one of the most amazing people we’ve ever come across.



And as if Niall wasn’t wonderful enough, yesterday saw him prove his angel credentials even further.

Posting on Twitter, Niall made this powerful statement:

Although there are (sadly) about a million and one incidents of cyber-bullying he could be talking about, he was actually referring to pro-golfer Paige Spiranac, who has faced some seriously unfair criticism lately:

Speaking in her pre-tournament press conference on Monday, Spiranac said, “They [cyber bullies] attacked, not only me, but my parents, my family and my friends.”

She continued, “They [the cyber bullies] say I’m a ‘disgrace to golf’ and nobody sees that. It’s really hard and I still get those comments.”

While this is seriously sad and ENTIRELY unacceptable, it’s great to see someone like Niall standing up for Paige.

And it’s not just Niall who had something to say about the situation, because our girl Gabbie also showed her disdain with the whole thing. Retweeting Niall, she said:

It’s no secret that Gabbie’s received her own fair share of cyber bullying, so it’s really lovely to see her standing up for others facing the same thing.

Although trolls are relentless, we’re hoping that at least some of them will take something away from Niall and Gabbie’s Twitter statements.

No form of bullying is ever okay, and the more we can try to drill that into people, the better.

Are you as proud of Niall and Gabbie as we are for standing up to cyber bullies? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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