New Zealand have their first book ban in over 20 years, eek.

New Zealand have caused a bit of a stir after having their first book ban in more than 20 years. A recent outcry from a Christian group brought it to attention of the Film and Literature Board of Review who subsequently banned ‘Into the River’ – it’s now being removed from schools, libraries and bookstores.

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The reason for the ban is that the book contains sexually explicit content and drug use, despite winning New Zealand Post Children Book Award in 2013.


Ted Dawes, the writer has stated the book is aimed at young, teenage boys after he was a teacher and saw that the difficulty in getting them to read books. They needed books that ‘spoke’ to them, thus resulting in Dawes creating ‘Into the River’, a book that addresses REAL issues such as bullying, body image, sexual orientation, race and much more.

‘Into the River’ is set to be reviewed to see if it is permanently banned from NZ.

We think its a bit silly, we love books here at MP!


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