Finally! This is the Snapchat update everyone was waiting for. Here’s what you need to know.

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.


Snapchat just released it’s biggest update yet and there’s some huge changes on board. The biggest change to the Snapchat game is ‘Memories’ and it’s a lot to take in so grab a seat and explore it with us.


‘Memories’ is a new way for you to save and share old snaps with your friends and family. They’re stored away in your own private vault inside the app and you can edit, rearrange and even re-share your snaps long after they’ve been removed from your story.

Of course, before you could save your snaps to your camera roll but now, these are stored within Snapchat making it much easier to get back to.


To get to ‘Memories’ all you’ll need to do is swipe up from the camera screen. Once inside, your snaps are show in reverse order. Rectangular posts are individual snaps and circular posts are stories.

Here you can add new filters, stickers, time stamps (even if it’s MONTHS after the event happened) and all the good stuff you can do with new snaps. But just so you don’t get completely confused, a white boarder will appear on older snaps in your story.

If you’ve got those snaps you want to keep… But don’t want anyone else to see, there’s another new section called ‘My Eyes Only’ which is locked by a pin code. If you don’t have the pin, you can’t get in. Simples!


There’s a lot of changes here and Snapchat is very aware that it could be very confusing. Don’t worry; you’ll know when you’ve got access to ‘Memories’ because you’ll receive a Snap from Snapchat directly that will walk you through everything. And don’t worry if you don’t have an update yet; it’s gradually rolling out to everyone right now.


Are you excited for this new mega Snapchat update? Have you got it already? Drop us a line @maximumpop and don’t forget to check out the Snapchat Directory to find all your faves. Happy Snapping!

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