7 actors that are joining the cast of 13 Reasons Why for season 2

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The second season of ’13 Reasons Why’ is on the way and a whole bunch of new actors have joined the cast.

According to Variety, season 2 will follow Hannah’s parents lawsuit against Liberty High School and seven new stars have been cast for recurring roles on the show.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at who we’ll be seeing…

1. Anne Winters as Chloe

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Anne a.k.a Chloe is Liberty High’s new head cheerleader. Very little is known about Chloe at this stage but according to IMDB, Anne is appearing in at least 6 episodes of season 2.

2. Bryce Cass as Cyrus

Bryce will be playing the mischievous Cyrus on the show. ’13 Reasons Why’ is his first major acting job and it’s a bloomin’ good one. Cyrus is rumoured to edgy af and champion the downtrodden. We smell trouble.

3. Chelsea Alden as Mackenzie

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As for the rest of Cyrus’ family, Chelsea will be playing the troublemaker’s sister, Mackenzie. She’s super creative and completely badass. You may also recognise Chelsea from ‘American Horror Story’. She appeared in AHS: Roanoke, last year, and is an incredible actress.

4. Kelli O’Hara as Jackie

Jackie is a fearless advocate for victims of bullying. As this season primary centres around Hannah’s parents lawsuit we expect Jackie will play a key part in it.

5. Samantha Logan as Nina

Nina is somewhat a mystery. According to reports, Samantha will be playing a track star with a secret. Hmmm… we wonder that can be? Of course, the chances are you’ve probably already seen Samantha in MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ so whatever it is, we’re sure she’ll ace it.

6. Allison Miller as Sonya

Another mystery is Sonya. Even less is known about Allison’s character other than the fact she’s smart and ambitious. C’mon Netflix, don’t tease us like this. We want all the info.

7. Ben Lawson as Rick

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Last but not least, say hello to Rick. He’s Liberty High’s new baseball coach and will be played by Ben Lawson.

What would you like to see in the second season of ’13 Reasons Why’? Let us know in the comments below.

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