9 new boybands to fill that 1D-shaped hole in your heart

It’s still a difficult time, reeling from the One Direction hiatus that seems like it’s never going to end. To fill that void in, we’ve handpicked nine boy bands that you’re going to love.


Some you’ll probably already know and others who are new on the block. We KNOW you’ll find your new fave amongst all this talent, so go forth and give your ears a treat.

Citizen Four

Citizen Four are the new boy band on the block and they’re ready to steal your heart. Made up by Austin, Carson, Conner and Josh, these guys are already signed to a major record label. Keep your eyes peel on them.

Forever In Your Mind

These lads are have already made waves after being put together on ‘The X Factor USA’ by the one and only Simon Cowell. Basically they’re destined to be the next One Direction.

The Bomb Digz

Kevin, Devin and Daniel aka The Bomb Digz hail from New York and New Jersey and legit about to become your new faves. They’re supposedly set out to become “Justin Bieber-meets-Chris Brown & Usher” and we couldn’t agree more.

The Fooo Conspiracy

Our Swedish babes, you can’t not love them. Olly, Oscar, Felix and Omar are a big deal in Scandinavia, they’re basically their One Direction.

The Tide

You’ll be familiar with The Tide as they’re signed to The Vamps label and are pretty much ready to take over the world. Make sure to check out their covers because they’re sick AF.

New Hope Club

New Hope Club are also signed to The Vamps label (you can tell our lads have great taste in music) and they also reguarly post covers up on YouTube. If you recognise one of the lads, it’s because he used to be in Stereo Kicks!

The Main Level

A Norwegian boy band this time! Laurent, Sander and Alexander make up The Main Level and are ready to capture your heart with those smiles. SO CUTE.

After Romeo

Drew, Jayk, Blake and TC who formed in LA to make After Romeo lean on the more quirky side of pop. Watch their video above and you’ll see what we mean. P.S. You’re gonna love it.


These Irish beauties, Brendan, Cian, Dayl, Dean, Josh and Ryan are managed by Louis Walsh aka boy band extraordinaire. They’ve already released their debut album ‘HomeTown’, which is fab BTW.

So, which boy band has stolen your heart? Let us know over @maximumpop on Twitter. We’re kinda in love with everyone to be honest.

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