MP!er Sara got towards the middle of ‘Never Evers’ and couldn’t stop reading.

Never Evers‘Never Evers’ is the charming, quirky and of course hamster-filled winter romance that everyone needs to snuggle up with. Travel to beautifully snow-bedecked French villages, take a ski on the endless slopes, laugh at the coach farts- wait, what? This book is hilarious, and amazing and all things in between, we promise you. And you don’t have to take our word for it, see what MP!er Sara thought of it below.

Name: Sara

Have you already read ‘Lobsters’, Tom and Lucy’s debut novel, or is this your first time reading a book by them? No, not read ‘Lobsters’ before but if its got the same humour as this book I might just go buy a copy.

Did the school trip all the characters go on remind you of any of your own? Unfortunately no, but a school trip like this would definitely be memorable.

If you had to recommend this book to a friend, what would be the best thing you’d tell them? e.g. writing, humour, characterisation, plot etc. I’d recommend the book to a young teen for the funny humour and the writing style as it’s easy to understand and it’s a quick easy read.

Did you have a favourite character? Tell us why! Favourite character would have to be Jack , because of the fun things him and his friends get up to. I especially liked the way that the story was told from his pov.

Can you remember your favourite line or scene? I liked all the funny lines in the story, but my favourite scene would have to be when Jack and Mouse are in the igloo.

What was your favourite band name? (SPOILER WARNING!) The Never Evers, the one which toddy eventually picked for their band name.

Rate out of 10. Would have to be 7/10 because at first I couldn’t get into the book, but then towards the middle I was more interested in it and couldn’t stop reading.

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