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Netflix has just made THIS change and it will completely transform the way you watch your favourite shows

What a game changer!

We’re not ones to shy away from a good ol’ Netflix-binge. After all, we spend approximately 43728910 hours a day consuming the best TV shows on it *coughs* Riverdale *coughs* 13 Reasons Why.

But, that’s about to be shaken-up! Last week, Netflix announced that they’ve made a MAJOR change to the streaming service and it will transform the way you watch your favourite shows forever.

So, what’s this new change then?

Well, we’ll give you a clue, it’s going to make the shows Netflix’s recommends you soooo much more accurate. This means you can spend less time scrolling through all the rubbish to get to the good stuff.


Say hello, to Netflix’s new thumbs up/thumbs down rating system.

The system replaces the old star method we used to rate shows and according to Netflix has already seen a 200% increase in ratings activity. Sounds impressive, right?

Cameron Johnson (Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation) recently wrote a blog post about the change. It reads:

“A thumbs-up tells Netflix that you like something and want to see similar suggestions. A thumbs-down lets us know you aren’t interested in watching that title and we should stop suggesting it to you. You can still search for it, but we’ve heard what you were trying to tell us — you aren’t a fan — and it will no longer show up on your homepage.”

Cameron went on to say that the new feature will help Netflix tailor suggestions better. It’s ideal if you have unique tastes or are picky about what TV shows and movies you binge on.

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Best of all, the system has no influence on any other Netflix users, either. It’s completely tailored to you and (unlike the star system) TV shows and movies won’t be recommended just because thousands of other users are watching them.

Will you be using the new rating system? Vote below. 

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