Here’s why people are RAGING at Netflix for THIS shocking new movie

Have you seen this film?

Netflix is no stranger to creating controversial shows. The platform received huge amounts of backlash earlier this year following the release of ’13 Reasons Why’ and it looks they’re in murky waters once again with yet another triggering production.

Last week, the streaming service released a brand new movie called ‘To The Bone’. The film stars Lily Collins and follows 20-year-old Ellen’s journey through eating disorder recovery programs.

As you can see from the trailer, ‘To the Bone’ is packed with hard-hitting scenes and emotionally-charged moments. Ellen’s story isn’t an easy watch and many people are upset with the way it portrays eating disorders and body image issues.

A lot of teens say the film is too triggering, whilst others say it romanticises eating disorders.

The UK’s leading eating disorder charity B-eat has also spoken out against the film. They recently posted a video on their YouTube channel.

In the clip, B-eat label ‘To The Bone’ a ‘fictional dramatised story where Hollywood actors and models portray the characters’.

The actress who plays Ellen (Lily Collins) has recently responded to the backlash. She revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood that she’s struggled with an eating disorder and body image issues in the past.

“I, nor Marti [Noxon, the director], nor anyone on the cast, would ever set out to make a film that would glamorize or encourage a disorder that I or Marti personally went through that was so negative. And so coming from that place, we just want to start a conversation and we look forward to people seeing the actual film.”

Plenty of fans are agreeing with Lily. They’re calling the film informative and praise it for highlighting an important Gen Z issue that doesn’t get talked about enough in the media.

Many are saying that the film does show an accurate portrayal of EDs and stress that recovery IS possible.

We’d like to know what you think. Is ‘To The Bone’ too triggering? Does it romanticise eating disorders? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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