Neon Jungle ‘Trouble’ vs Fifth Harmony ‘Miss Movin’ On’: MP! Video-Off

Yesterday was a great day for girlband connoisseurs like ourselves. Two amazingly talented new girlbands released their new videos for their debut singles: Neon Jungle ‘Trouble’ and Fifth Harmony ‘Miss Movin’ On’. We love both videos and are finding it pretty hard to decide which is the better one. There is only one way to settle this: FIGHT! A Maximum Pop! Video- Off!

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Who? Shereen, Asami, Jess & Amira

Song? Trouble

Not to be confused with: ‘Trouble’ by Pink


Release Date: 1st of September

Best lyric: “Pour some whisky in my Coke”- Disclaimer: Maximum Pop! does not encourage excessive drinking. Drink responsibly.

Where’s the video set? In an extremely messy house- think student halls (minus the mouldy pizza).

Choreography? These girls don’t need choreography. They’ve got attitude and buckets of it.

Is there minature dogs? Hell, yeah!

Mode of transport: Bicycles

What would happen if I invited these girls round my house? They would wreck it!


Should I download this? Yes[/column]

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Ally, Camila, Dinah, Lauren & Normani.

‘Miss Movin’ On’

‘Miss Moving Van’- we actually thought those were the lyrics at first and we were considering hiring them for our next big move.

July 16th (that’s today!)

“Shake him off like an etch-a-sketch”- Very Demi Lovato sounding, isn’t it?


A funfair


The 5H girls attempt some Girls Aloud inspired mic-choreography and we quite like it!

No *sadface*

Not sure. Ferris Wheel? Maybe their dads dropped them at the funfair?

They would probably sit around and drink tea wearing giant bows (see: Anything Could Happen performance on X Factor US)


So now you know all you need to know about each of these lovely bunch of ladies and their video debuts, the ball is in your court. Are you looking for the type of ‘Trouble’ that Neon Jungle are offering? Or maybe you missed Fifth Harmony’s harmonizing ways? Voting is now closed.

Results: It’s been neck and neck all week but in the home stretch Fifth Harmony over took Neon Jungle and won this video-off with 65.22%. We love both girlbands and can’t wait to see what they have in store next.


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