What’s on Shereen from Neon Jungle’s phone?

You might be a bit young for this, but back in the olden days our favourite pop magazines used to do features like ‘What’s in your bag?’ – pretty self-explanatory, get popstars to talk about their personal possessions. We thought it would be brilliant to bring it all back (reference!) and make it modern by getting popstars to take screenshots of their phones and tell us about their favourite apps, songs and photos etc. When we got invited to go interview Neon Jungle about their new single ‘Can’t Stop the Love’, we knew had found our perfect guinea pigs…

Here’s what’s on Shereen’s phone and what she had to say about it:

Shereen 2

Shereen: “My first one is my lock screen of my Dad and my little Brother. I put that as that because… I don’t know, it just makes me happy when I look at it”

Asami: “You look so cute”

Shereen: “That’s my little brother!”

Everyone: “No way!”

Shereen: “Literally we all exactly the same as babies”

Shereen 1

“The next one is my notes, I’m always making notes because I always forget stuff, I have the worst memory. So there’s just stuff like hair products, places, the 29th of Scotland?!?”

Shereen 3

“The next one is my home screen with all my apps on it. Subway Surf – I love that game-, Smash Hit, is Domino’s on here? Oh yeah, Domino’s. And it’s got a picture of my Mum in the back.”

Shereen 4

“This just shows how many pictures I’ve got. 2028, no wonder I’ve got memory problems!”

And that’s what’s on Shereen from Neon Jungle’s phone.

If you want Neon Jungle’s new single ‘Can’t Stop the Love’ on your phone (and your laptop, iPod and any other electronic device) then you can download it from next week (December 15th)

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