BIG INTERVIEW: Neon Jungle talk gardening, fast food and, er, Sister Act…

Here at MP! we like to believe our pop stars can be environmentally conscious as well as purveyors of amazing pop bangers. 

With that in mind we recently caught up with the Neon Jungle girls at the launch of ‘Let’s Grow Wild’ –  a new initiative to inspire young people to sow, grow and enjoy UK native wild flowers – to get some gardening tips and find out the goss about life on the road… 

DISCLAIMER: No insects were killed in the making of this interview. We hope.

MP!: Right this is going to go really well, shall I? Whose is this ham in a packet? So… tell me about the Grow Wild thing?

Jess: So um, basically it’s an organization and it just promotes the livelihood of wild flowers in the UK. And we’re here because we want to encourage other people to get involved basically.

Asami: And we can’t like, well I can’t imagine a world without flowers ‘cause they’re also like, they’re not just pretty to look at. They’re also like homes and food for wildlife.

MP!: Is that flower real? No..

Asami: Yeah but it’s not a native UK wild flower.

Shereen: It’s just a flower.

Asami: So obviously like if they all went then there’d be no homes for  the bees and bees are very important in the cycle and the food chain.

Shereen:  We want to get everyone sowing seeds because it does like Asami said, it does make a big difference. We’ve only got something like 3% left?

MP!: 3% of the meadows..

Amira: But it is good for us to be doing it because it is encouraging to see people that see us as idols or whatever to encourage them to get involved and it’s kinda like up to us. ‘cause people don’t really care that much.

Jess: And that’s the easy thing, you don’t necessarily need a garden to do it, there’s so many spaces, all you need is some grass.

MP!: Oh yeah, I wanna know what I can grow, when I’ve got.. I’ve got like no possessions, I’ve got nothing. Everything is in a suitcase.

Jess: Get a plant pot!

Shereen: We have a flat with like a shared garden, we can do it in the garden but you can put little plant pots out on the balcony. So you can get things like that or a roundabout… Or anywhere that’s got grass! [MP! Just incase you casually have a roundabout hanging around]

Shereen: Or anywhere that there’s grass basically!

MP!: Cool! So you’re doing radio stuff this week? What’s it like being in the van.

All: We sleep! We eat…

Amira: No but you know what let’s not lie, summarising it it’s not crazy crazy but the kind of pattern that we’ve got into like we’ll probably all get into the car now. All fall asleep. No, no all talk for like 10 minutes, put our headphones in and fall asleep. Then we’re going to have an outburst where it’s just like-

Shereen: yeah we all take our headphones out and kind of sense it, it’s like rahrahrahrahhhhh!

Jess: Normally we wake up when we can smell that there’s a service station. We automatically sense that there’s one coming from like a mile away.

MP!: So what do you want? Is it like McDonald’s you’re getting when you stop or what do you have? Like healthy stuff?

Asami: I got food poisoning off McDonald’s and I used to eat it religiously but now I can’t eat it because I got food poisoning.

MP!: What was it? A quaterpounder?

Amira: Well you aint gonna get a McDonald’s black card! Haha.

Asami: No double cheese burger! When I’m drunk I’ll still eat it though.

Shereen: I really do love a big mac but I’ve been trying to eat healthy.

Jess: Shereen loves her chicken, like no matter where it is.

Shereen: You don’t even have to ask what I have anymore it’s just like Shereen? Oh, chicken.

Asami: Amira is on a huge Nando’s craze.

Amira: Right now in terms of pit stops like we never have Nando’s because there’s never one at a service station. But I would get, I’m a seafood fanatic, so anything fishy I would get, but it’s got to the point where when we’re in the van we were eating sushi so much because sometimes when we go into certain places there’s only a Marks and Spencer and we were all like getting sushi. And now I can’t eat sushi cause I’m over it.

MP!: What do the fans bring? And what don’t you want the fans to bring tour wise? Because I’m sure one of you once said you like jaffa cakes and now they bring jaffa cakes and you’re like “I don’t want them anymore!”

Jess: Do you know what? Endless amounts of peanut butter. I do not mind like crunchy, smooth, anything!

Amira: I said rusks, and a couple of people have got me rusks. Baby biscuits and also baby food…. Icecubes… cabbage.

Asami: Salt and vinegar crisps, BRING THEM TO MOMMA!!

Amira: Or they can just bring us their love…

Asami: Do you know what they shouldn’t bring? Is like home made things, not because we wouldn’t eat it but because by the time we get around to where we-

*long, protracted scream*

Amira: Oh my god just flick it off.

Jess: It scared me though! Oh My God.

MP!: You know you get all sorts of things like that in flowers!

Amira: You ripped the flower.

Asami: Oh it’s not UK native, that’s why I killed it, so it’s fine. Oh yeah about the homemade stuff, not because we don’t want to eat it but because by the time we get to eat it, it will be like stale. And we don’t want them to go through all that hard work for nothing.

MP!: So don’t bake stuff. And who likes Sister Act?

All: Yeah!!

MP!: Ok cool, really good questions…

Thanks girls! For more information of how you can get involved ‘Grow Wild’ project, check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @GrowWildUK. 

Here’s some snaps of the girls performing at the windy launch, windy weather, not from excessive sushi. Pardon me.

Let's Grow Wild launch for Kew Gardens - London Let's Grow Wild launch for Kew Gardens - London

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