What’s on Asami from Neon Jungle’s phone?

You might be a bit young for this, but back in the olden days our favourite pop magazines used to do features like ‘What’s in your bag?’ – pretty self-explanatory, get popstars to talk about their personal possessions. We thought it would be brilliant to bring it all back (reference!) and make it modern by getting popstars to take screenshots of their phones and tell us about their favourite apps, songs and photos etc. When we got invited to go interview Neon Jungle about their new single ‘Can’t Stop the Love’, we knew had found our perfect guinea pigs…

Here’s what’s on Asami’s phone and what she had to say about it:

Asami 1

“My lock screen (mumma and me)”

Asami 2

“My home screen (dad and brother) and how I organise my apps. I have a lot of folders and a LOT of notifications which I need to sort out”

Asami 3

“The next one is of ‘Criminal Case’, my mum and my sister Airi got me into this game! Favourite game evaaaaaaa!”

Asami 4

Asami: “The last song I listened to is ‘I Am a River’ from Foo Fighters new album Sonic Highways, which is seven minutes long!”

Jess: “Seven minutes?! Ridiculous”

Asami: “It’s the best one”

MP!: “Is that the longest song on the album?”

Asami: “Yeah, there’s one that’s like six minutes, and there’s like five minutes…”

Amira: “See, the thing is I switch off after three”

Asami: “But it’s my favourite!”

MP!: “It’s like Justin Timberlake’s last album”

Amira: “That album is so long, just intros! (starts doing the beats)

Shereen: “His album was good but a lot of it was like… eurgh”

Asami 5

“This is an exclusive never before seen picture of myself and a Greggs bag!”

And that’s what’s on Asami from Neon Jungle’s phone.

If you want Neon Jungle’s new single ‘Can’t Stop the Love’ on your phone (and your laptop, iPod and any other electronic device) then you can download it from next week (December 15th)

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