Mazzi Maz interviews Neon Jungle: album track names, period eating(!), Asami’s break dancing, and a new crush…

This Neon Jungle craziness session hosted by hilarious YouTuber Mazzi Maz is pretty long. So we got someone to watch it and write out the important stuff. Like which one of Neon Jungle eats period. Oh shiiiiiit.

1. The girls confirmed that their debut album will be out in the Summer, and they mentioned a few track names. ‘Fool Me’ (which you can hear acoustic here) and ‘Sleepless in London’ are two of their favourites.

2. We discovered a mutual attraction between Shereen and the host, Mazzi Maz! Mazzi chose Shereen as his Woman Crush Wednesday (on a Monday), and Asami later let slip that Shereen had a crush on Mazzi too. Fans are already nicknaming them ‘Mereen’.

3. Amira likes to eat period! OK, not really… but you’ll have to watch the video to find out why everyone thought she did. Yuck!

4. Asami has a secret love of breakdancing! Unfortunately she’s not very good at it, but that doesn’t stop her pulling out her moves, even in front of celebs and super-cool basketball players. Check out the video evidence on Instagram.

5. Shereen once had to play a monkey in a school play of The Lion King, because she was the only mixed race child in the village. Awkward!

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