Who’s been naughty in popland this year? We look at Santa’s social media list…

We all know about Santa’s naughty and nice list, right? We’ve been trying our best all year to try and stay on the nice side, but we’ll be honest- it can sometimes be a struggle. Everyone is on that list and there’s no acception for popstars, either!

We’ve been on socialsanta to have a look at the most naughty popstars of 2014 and you may (or may not) be surprised who’s on there.

At number 2 is Rihanna with a total of 211 swear words used recently. We won’t tell you what the swear word is because we’re trying to behave ourselves.

ariana gifd

Number 4 is Miley Cyrus, which we aren’t too surprised at, to be honest. She has a total of 182 swear words used recently with the eff word being the most used. It’s her mouth, she can say what she wants to! Doesn’t mean Father Chrimbo will be kind to her this year, though.

miley naughty

Number 8 sees that cheeky member of 5SOS, Mr Michael Clifford! Mikey has used 92 swear words recently, living up to his bad ass punk rock look. His most used word is the explicit word for poo. Well, then.

Michael laugh gif

Number 10 comes as a bit of a shock, if we’re honest! Miss Ariana Grande! Quel Surprise! Ari has used a total of 79 bad words recently with her most used word being the same as Mr Clifford’s. Don’t let that angel face fool you, people.

ariana whoops

The 1D boys haven’t been the most innocent of people, either. Louis is number 20 with 38 words, Niall  is number 23 with 30 words (eh?) Liam’s got number 31 with 27 words, Zayn at 33 with 10 words and Harry is number 40 with 5 words! To be fair, Harry’s words are in quotes and apparently “Pussycat Dolls” is a swear word. Uhh, okay?

Liam naughty

Other members on the naughty list are Ashton Irwin at number 13 with 60 swear words, Calum Hood at number 15 with 56 words, Ed Sheeran at number 18 with 39 swear words.

See the full list of naughty celebs on Social Santa and even see where you are on the list according to your Twitter account.

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows everything you put on your social media accounts, so be good for goodness sake!

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