Naughty Boy says his blowout with Zayn Malik “went back to primary school”

Sometimes it’s hard to accept the end of a friendship—especially when the friendship goes down publicly in flames. Shahid Khan, also known as Naughty Boy and most famous for his massive fallout with Zayn Malik after his departure from One Direction, can’t seem to stop talking about their brief but intense relationship every time he’s interviewed.

Naughty Boy just made a song with none other than Beyonce herself, and while being interviewed about it recently, the subject of course turned to Zayn. “The first half of this year went back to primary school,” Naughty Boy says of their public Twitter spat, “When I should have been concentrating on my masters.”

When asked to compare being a solo artist to being in a group (another obvious nod to Zayn’s career change), he says, “I do think that it’s easier being a soloist, definitely easier, and I think the machine of being in something that’s kind of manufactured is always going to be difficult and not easy.” He adds, “It’s hard to grow up in this business.”

The interviewer mentions Naughty Boy’s supportive role in Zayn’s life when he first left the band, and Naughty Boy quickly dodges the subject, saying, “That’s not my focus anymore… I want to go back to Naughty Boy and the music—and taking over the world.”

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Written by Jackie Kolgraf

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