Naughty Boy says Zayn Malik has an “amazing voice”. Work that one out yourself, Sherlock?

Naughty Boy’s come out of the woodwork again to speak about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction but before you all roll your eyes and move on, you’ll be rather surprised to hear that he’s had nothing bad to say about ANY of the remaining 1D members this time. That’s right Louis, it’s absolutely fine, you can put the keyboard down.


Shahid Khan – Naughty Boy to you and I – has been chatting to our friends over at Capital FM and praised Zayn’s voice before actually saying something constructive about the other four lads. Has an olive branch FINALLY been extended?

“He’s got an amazing voice but I do feel like One Direction have all added something as individuals in that band. Zayn has just been probably the one that’s sort of not fully showcased what he’s capable of.”

Not showcased what he’s capable of? Have you heard those high notes!?

But the Malik praise didn’t stop there, oh no. “I think Zayn’s voice is just amazing. That’s the important thing, I feel like he’s an artist. I work with singer-songwriters, I just find it difficult to work with people who haven’t got something to say.”

So Zayn must have something to get off his chest then, eh? We are more than ready for that post-‘I Won’t Mind’ smash.

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