UMM… Did Naughty Boy get caught out for lying about Zayn’s cover? WTF is going on?!

We don’t know WTF is going on right now but after the trend about Zayn rejoining 1D went worldwide, a demo of him covering ‘No Type’ which, according to Naughty Boy, was leaked and “stolen from the hard drive” and had “nothing to do with him.” We can’t judge, we weren’t there. BUT… MIC Righteous has called NB out for supposedly lying. DAFUQ?


Umm so was Naughty Boy lying? Or is this MIC Righteous trying to frame NB so he also gets some attention? And another thing…

Where is Zayn

Normal 22-year-old boy or not, we need Mr Malik to come and clear things up because we are very confused right now.

So, what are your thoughts? Naughty Boy lying? MIC Righteous making things up? Has Zayn gone to Disneyland again to hide? WTF is going on? Opinions on over on Twitter would be fab. Go tweet us @maximumpop. Ta.

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