Ariana, Pokémon and The Wanted: Here’s what we want from Nathan Sykes’ debut album

We’ve been running around with excitement since Nathan Sykes announced the release date and title of his album. We still can’t believe we didn’t guess the name correctly!

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It feels like we’ve been waiting years for ‘Unfinished Business’ (kinda have) and it’s finally on the way. Just 3 months to go. Perfectly enough time for Nath to make sure he’s got all of these vital things on the album.

If Nathan wants to be the very best, then the Pokémon cover HAS to be on there.

We need to have ‘Over & Over Again’ featuring Ariana Grande, it’s too beautiful to leave off.


All of his singles, duh.


Although ‘Unfinished Business’ is coming out in Nov, it still needs a poppin’ summer jam.


A track dedicated to tea or Starbucks. We’ll be surprised if there isn’t one.


Tom Parker remixing one of Nath’s tracks has to happen! We miss The Wanted so much.

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Nathan apparently wrote with Siva and Tom on two songs titled ‘Empty Room’ and ‘The Weekend’. Well we have to hear them! It’s the closest we’re gonna get to a reunion.


These would be amazing additions! Can you think of anything else that needs to be on Nath’s debut solo album? If so, let us know @maximumpop on Twitter.

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