MP! Exclusive: We woke from a coma to speak to Nathan Sykes about his new album, condoms and porn star names

We’ve been in a medically induced coma for two years. When The Wanted broke up we told our BFFs to wake us up when our sunshine Nathan Sykes‘ album came out. It’s been a long road with so much anticipation and blood, sweat and tears on Nathan’s behalf, but the time is finally here.

And wake.



Oh and just as luck would have it Nathan was just passing by and stopped for a chat about his new album ‘Unfinished Business’. How fortunate…

Hey Nathan! Could you tell us three things we’ll not be expecting from the album? 

Good question. One thing you won’t be expecting is the vulnerability and emotion in the song, ‘I Can’t Be Mad’. Another thing is that some crazy stuff happens in the last chorus of ‘I’ll Remember You’. Some really high notes. It’s the highest I’ve ever been in my life.



Also, I’m very proud of how diverse the album is and I’m excited for people to experience the highs and lows of it.

Could you tell us a bit more about that. What kind of range of emotions will listeners get?

The album starts with a song called ‘Good Things Come to Those Who Wait’, which is a very inspiring song. I’m trying to inspire myself on that one. I’ve giving myself a message to be patient, to not pretend to be someone who I’m not and just take my time to get whatever I’m doing right. Then I take you on a very fun, funky and vibey journey for the next few songs. Then you get to ‘I Can’t Be Mad’ and it slaps you in the face with emotion. And then it comes back up. There are really happy moments. Really sad moments. Really deep moments. And I’m very proud of it.

QUIZ: Which song from ‘Unfinished Business’ are you? 


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This next question is from one of our fave fan accounts ‘NJSykesMusic‘…

Oh yes they’re very loyal and dedicated. I love them.

What song do you have in your music library which would surprise your fans?

I’ve got a song by Smokey Norful. He’s a gospel artist. The song is ‘Run ‘Til I Finish’. His vocals are just unbelievable.

What is your guilty pleasure?

TV! I love binge watching stuff. I love ‘The Walking Dead’ and I watched ‘Stranger Things’ in like 24 hours.

Do you think Eleven’s alive?

YES! They wouldn’t do that to us. As passionate and supportive fans who love her so dearly they wouldn’t.

Maybe she’ll come back as 12. 

Haha. Amazing. She’s coming back with a vengeance, I think. I’m very excited about that show. Oh I also watch ‘House Of Cards’. There are some really exciting shows on TV so I’ll just disappear for like three days. Everyone’s like “where’s Nath gone?” and I’m just in bed watching shows haha.

Just tell them you’re “working on the album…”

That’s why it’s taken two years to make the album haha.

This next question was inspired by one of our quizzes. Which of these is a real condom flavour – Spaghetti Bolognese, Garlic, Beer or Cookie? Sounds like a good night in…

*Gasps in shock. Mouth hangs open* Is it beer? This is a pure guess, obviously. Or maybe cookie would make sense. But I’ve got a funny feeling about beer.

It’s garlic. 

WHAT THE HELL! I do like a good bit of garlic bread though… But that’s just… No-one wants to… Oh I’m just going to shut up now.

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If you had to pick a stage name based on a fruit what would it be? 

*Speaks in low, sexy accent* Strawberry Sykes.

That sounds like a porn name. This got super blue super soon. 

You know what, I should name my fragrance ‘Strawberry Sykes’.

Bloody hell. Last question, if you could choose one moment in history to go back to what would it be? 

My birth… Nah just messing. I would love to see what the dinosaur age was like.

Even though you’d only survive for like ten minutes?

I KNOW! But I’d get it all on Snapchat. It’d be amazing. I’d go in my little ‘Doctor Who’ time machine. Oh I love ‘Doctor Who’ as well btw. I binge watch that. I’d love to go to a parallel dimension where he exists. Sigh…

Nathan, we love you. Thanks for chatting to us.

Nath’s debut album ‘Unfinished Business’ is out now to stream and download along with his new single ‘Famous’. Stream like the wind seabiscuit!


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