What a night! We hung out with Nathan Sykes at his London Secret Show

A couple of days ago we received a very promising invitation from Nathan Sykes’s HQ for a black tie event in a secret location in London.

On Sunday we put on our best outfits and headed towards this mysterious venue to see Nathan’s first ever Secret Show in the company of 60 more excited fans.


Needless to say, the whole audience melted as he started to sing and the weather in London had nothing to do with it.

We were lucky enough to listen to four of his new tracks and an amazing cover of John Legend’s ‘Ordinary People’ that gave everyone the chills.


After the show we chatted for a bit with Nathan who told us he is very happy with how everything is going with his solo project and how thankful he is for how involved the fans have been. We also got the scoop about where he has got the inspiration from for the album and like every other young guy, his relationships, new and old or even one sided have been the main source of inspiration for his new tracks.

As we are big fans of ‘Kiss me Quick’ we wanted to know which fellow pop star Nathan would pick to kiss the quickest and surprisingly he told us Rihanna is his fave girl and that he is loving her new music video and that maybe one day we may see him doing a video as crazy as her latest. Can you imagine?


Nathan also confessed that he lurks online to check what his fans are up to, so be aware, you may think he doesn’t see you, but he does…and loves how supportive the fandom has been.

Catch the highlights of the evening in this video:


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